#WeNurses - Thursday 27th January 2022 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Nursing - then, now and the future

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A new year is a good time to reflect and regroup and this tweetchat aims to do just that ... on nursing ! Nursing is pretty tough right now so this is an excellent opportunity for us to think about why we are so passionate about this profession and how we support one another. 

This tweetchat will be exploring the following questions:

Pre chat poll: 

How may years have you been a nurse for? 

Do you feel that the public image of nursing / nurses is a true reflection? 

Do you feel the public's perception of nursing has changed since the start of the pandemic? 

Tweetchat questions:

  • What / who inspires to to keep nursing? 
  • If there is one thing you could change about your job what would it be? 
  • If you were designing an advert for nursing what three words would it contain? 
  • If a colleague cam to you saying they had 'had enough' how would you support them? 

Post chat poll: 

Do you know where to access support if you or a colleague need it? 

What makes you go back to nursing after a bad day? 

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