#WeLDNs - Tuesday 19th October 2021 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) A right pain in the…

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Does this hurt? This weekend I broke my ankle, it hurt a lot and I’ve spent the few days following on from it demanding pain relief regularly, liaising with my GP to amend dosages, considering alternatives with a physicians associate and discussing with a very lively pharmacist about other options to supplement what’s been prescribed. 

I am lucky, I’m well enough versed in healthcare that I know who to speak to and when. I’m able to understand and articulate that something isn’t quite right and know what I need to do try and fix that. 

What if I wasn’t? What if I couldn’t? What if I had a learning disability which might make it more difficult to say “if I do this it’s fine, but *this* and I want to cry!”. 

This week we are going to discuss pain, now tell me, does it hurt when I press here…

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