#WeNurses - Thursday 4th March 2021 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Virtual working with Patients - Challenges and Opportunities

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The arrival of the Covid 19 Pandemic brought a sudden and perhaps long overdue spotlight on ways of working, the use of digital technology and the need to continue to provide services in unprecedented times.  Time was of the essence with a rapidly worsening situation. Many services responded with the introduction or expansion of virtual services and the use of digital technology. Nurses and other health professionals had to learn quickly and react to new ways of working to maintain access to services. As with all new ways of working there were pros and cons for both professionals and their patients / clients on their caseloads. Professionals voiced their concerns about Safeguarding and those most vulnerable in society.  RCPCH – Principles for conducting virtual consultations with children and young people aimed to support clinicians conducting virtual consultations https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/resources/principles-conducting-virtual-consultations-children-young-people . Its nearly a year later and many professionals are still working in challenging situations so there may not have been the time to conduct feedback surveys on virtual working but whats your experience been? 

Join this Tweet Chat share your thoughts on virtual working, share the challenges and celebrate the opportunities.



  • Have you introduced or expanded the virtual offer for patients / clients in your workplace?
  • Have you identified any challenges to working virtually?
  • Have you identified any opportunities to working virtually?
  • Have you any conducted any feedback surveys re virtual working and if so what did people say?
  • Should there be specific support and training for staff to enable them effective virtual working?
  • What one piece of advice you would share to someone new to virtual working?

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