#WeNurses - Thursday 24th September 2020 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Staff experience

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There can be no doubt that nursing is a challenging role at times and as nurses we have all had days that where we feel overwhelmed with work or emotion. We spend so much time support and caring for our patients but who cares and supports nurses, especially during these Covid times? 

The Kings Fund, Leadership for Engagement and Improvement in the NHS report talks about how engagement matters and state that “If staff do not feel engaged they can spiral down into burnout, which can leave them cynical, exhausted and depressed. But where staff are engaged studies across a range of sectors show performance rises.” The Kings Fund continue by stating there is “close relationship between staff experience and patient experience, arguing that ‘happy staff make happy patients'.” Therefore it is apparent that nurses who feel supported and have a positive experience give better care, however the challenge still remains .. how do we care and support nurses? And what are the challenges to doing this in these Covid times? 

This #WeNurses discussion aims to explore the following: 

  • How can we support a positive staff experience?
  • What goes wrong with staff experiences?
  • How can we support each other when things go wrong?
  • What are the extra challenges of supporting staff in these Covid times ? 
  • What do organisations do to create a positive staff experience and what could they do more of?
  • What makes your work a positive place to be?
  • What have your colleagues done to make your work place a nice place to be lately?

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