#CarrotDigital - Tuesday 13th October 2020 3:40pm (GMT Standard Time) Professional boundaries, digital and nursing

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This chat is guest hosted by @WeNurses @AgencyNurse

This tweetchat is part of a day long s-learning virtual workshop on "Enabling digital professionalism in nursing" CLICK HERE to book onto this course or feel free to join in the tweetchat as a stand alone learning opportunity. 


Professional boundaries are a large part of staying digitally professional and something that we need to consider when thinking about how we enable digital professionalism. Cooper and Inglehearn (2015)  wrote about “Managing professional boundaries and staying safe in digital spaces” HERE  - have a read of this paper before this tweetchat and whilst reading it think about how this approach could be useful to you and your practice and how it could be useful nurses within your organisation. 

This #WeNurses Tweetchat will be 30 minutes long and will ask the following questions:

  • How should nurses be seen in social media / digital spaces ? Should we take an entirely professional approach or should we reveal some of our personal lives? 
  • How can we enable nurses to reflect on their actions as a professional in social media / digital spaces? 
  • How can we give nurses the skills to manage the right settings on their accounts to ensure they manage your personal boundaries and avoid escalating a difficult conversation on social media / digital spaces? 

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